5 Men’s Sunglasses Trends To Elevate Your Style Game

Sunglasses are cool, and there is no denying that. From the classic aviators to the newer designs, they serve to protect your eyes in a stylish manner. 

Just like every other fashion item, sunglasses also follow trends. You don’t have to hop on every single one, but it is important that you at least know about them. Knowing which sunglasses are trending might even help you to find a pair that would suit your face better than your current ones. 

Everybody should own a pair of sunglasses, whether you want to make a fashion statement or you just want to protect your eyes. The good news is that you can even choose to have prescription sunglasses made if you need them. 

Shopping for sunglasses is not as easy as it should be as there are way too many options to choose from. To save you the stress of doing it yourself, we have collated 5 sunglasses trends that are cool this summer. Now, let’s get right into it. 

Sporty Sunglasses 

This year, with the emergence of the Y2K aesthetic, sporty frames have been given the celebrity seal of approval. Sporty options like Oakley sport sunglasses have the classic aerodynamic wraparound look. These slim and futuristic glasses fit in perfectly with the revival of the Y2K fit.

To get an extra racer feel, you can get the lenses tinted or mirrored. Wearing glasses like these is bound to draw attention to you though, so you should avoid this trend if you really don’t like being looked at. 

Transparent frames

See-through frames are cool because you know, they’re see-through. They give off this chic feel which is probably because you can see the wire framing within. 

Moreover, their clarity makes the lenses the center of attention. Blue lenses will pop against a transparent frame and are perfect for a monochromatic blue look. You can also choose to have your lenses made in brighter colors like red or orange. Really, you should just do what feels right to you when you look in the mirror. 

Bright and bold lenses

To wear brightly colored lenses, you need to have a healthy dose of a lack of self-consciousness. It might seem like you’re going over the top, but they actually work when paired right.

The perfect combination for vibrant lenses is to balance out the equation with more traditional frames. For example, you can choose rounded frames in dim colors. This way, your bright-colored lenses become the center of attention and people can properly appreciate their beauty. 

Rounded frames

Rounded frames are not a new thing as they have always been in style. They look good on almost everybody’s face, so this might be one of the reasons that they’re so loved. 

If you decide to go for rounded frames though, try not to choose ones that are fully circular. There are some frames, like keyhole frames that are less severe and look as good as rounded frames. 

Also, rounded frames are not for you if you have a round face, as they will only emphasize the shape and make it more pronounced. 

Geometric sunglasses

Geometric sunglasses are a version of the classic square frame. They might attract some attention when you step out, but it’s because they look fabulous. 

People with well-defined jawlines and highly structured cheekbones are the ones who look best in geometric sunglasses. This is because it accentuates their features and creates a pleasing contrast. 

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Pair Of Sunglasses

The face shape 

There are some sunglasses, like the Wayfarer that look good on the face of almost every man. And then there are others that require some thought before you choose them, or the results could be quite brutal. 

If you have a face that is longer than it is round, then you want to choose square, oversized silhouettes that make your face look more angular and have sharper edges. People with sharper facial structures like high, pronounced cheekbones should select round frames to give them that softening effect.

Round glasses flatter almost everybody’s face, but they are the best bet for people who have square faces. 

Remember that it wouldn’t look good enough if you wore sunglasses that didn’t suit the shape of your face, so you should try on various options first to be able to choose the ones that are the perfect fit.  

The frame materials

Usually, frames for sunglasses are made of acetate or metal. Acetate is a version of plastic that is said to be more sustainable because it degrades faster. 

More recently, eco-eyewear has come into the limelight. These glasses are made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo and recycled plastic bottles. If you are conscious of the environment and global warming, then these sunglasses might be the right choice for you. 

The lenses

When you want to buy sunglasses, you should also think about what you want the lenses to be like. Some people need prescription glasses, so they have to take their sunglasses to an optician to have them switch out the lenses. 

Polarized lenses are protective and they help to block out damaging UV rays and dim glare. You also get to choose lenses in a wide array of colors, ranging from vibrant pinks to the dependable color black. 

If you think it would suit your style, you have the option to purchase reflective mirrored lenses in various hues. 


Sunglasses give us a chance to add flair and personality to our outfits. They do all this while also keeping our eyes healthy and preventing wrinkles we could get from squinting all the time.  

The most important factor that you need to consider while choosing a pair of sunglasses is the shape of your face. Rounded frames, sporty silhouettes, and geometric glasses are some of the noteworthy style trends this year. Knowing which sunglasses are stylish can help you change your style game with new options. 

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