CopeRewards: How To Redeem Your Points


Earn gift cards while shopping online with CopeRewards! Shop at your favorite stores, take surveys, and watch videos to earn points redeemable for popular retailers’ gift cards like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.


Welcome to CopeRewards – your ticket to earn gift cards while shopping online! It’s a breeze to rack up points by doing what you love – shop at your favorite stores, take surveys, and even watch videos. And guess what? These points can be exchanged for awesome gift cards from popular retailers!

How it works

Get started by creating your very own CopeRewards account. Once you’re in, the fun begins! Start earning those points! Every time you shop online through CopeRewards, you’ll snag points based on your purchase amount. But that’s not all – you can earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, and inviting friends to join the fun!

How to redeem your points

The cherry on top – redeeming your points! You can swap them for fantastic gift cards once you’ve got enough in your stash. Goodies from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Best Buy, and even PayPal cash!

Is CopeRewards legit?

But you might wonder – is CopeRewards the real deal? Absolutely! This legit website has been going strong since 2006, boasting a stellar reputation. With heaps of positive reviews, folks all over have earned gift cards through CopeRewards – and you can too!

How much can you earn?

Now, how much can you rake in? Well, that depends on your shopping and surfing habits! On average, you can snag a sweet $5 gift card in about an hour. And if you’re a savvy online shopper, you might even stack up enough points to score $50 or $100 in a single month!

Is CopeRewards worth it?

Ah, the age-old question – is it worth it? The answer is in your hands, dear friend. If you’re an online shopping guru, CopeRewards is a goldmine of gift cards waiting for you! But the points might be elusive if online shopping’s not your cup of tea.

Tips for earning more points

Do you want to boost your points game? Here are some nifty tips:

Shop through CopeRewards: Remember to take the scenic route! When you shop online, start with CopeRewards – that’s how you earn those precious points!

Take surveys: Share your thoughts and earn points in return. CopeRewards offers a variety of surveys to keep your points growing.

Watch videos: Kick back, relax with some videos, and earn points while you’re at it!

Refer friends: Spread the joy! Invite your pals to join CopeRewards, and for each friend that hops on board, you score 100 points!

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