Explore the Must-Visit Places in Saudi Arabia!

Even though Saudi Arabia is known for its Islamic pilgrimage sites, this is one of many things this diverse land offers. It has many spectacular sites and interesting landmarks. The Kingdom has opened its door to tourists from all over the world. So, it is time to explore the must-visit places in Saudi Arabia. 

Still, only Muslims can enter the holy city of Mecca and Masjid an-Nabwi in Medina. But the non-Muslim tourists can explore different Islamic and tourist sites in the region. Saudi Arabia is a mixture of history and luxury. You will get everything you could think of in this diverse and stunning destination. 

Have you booked your Umrah package? This means that you will be travelling to Saudi Arabia soon. If you want to make the most of your stay in Saudi Arabia, visit its stunning sites. 

Must-Visit Places in Saudi Arabia

Here are some of the must-visit places in Saudi Arabia. 

  1. Qasr al-Farid 

If you are interested in visiting the historical sites in the area, you must take advantage of Qasr al-Farid. It is an ancient ruined castle. This site is also called “The Lonely Castle”; the history says the castle’s tall façade was never completed. Moreover, it is actually not a castle but a tomb that is a part of Hegra.

The stunning architecture of this tomb is unmatched in its uniqueness and construction technique. As it is incomplete, this tomb provides an insight into the construction process of the ancient carvers. So, make sure that you visit this fascinating historical site during your time in Saudi Arabia. 

  1. Rijal Alma Heritage Village 

Rijal Alma heritage village is a popular tourist attraction near Abha, Saudi Arabia. It is an over 900 years old village and is stunning in its build and architecture. Tourists like to visit the Rijal Alma Museum located inside this heritage village. The building of this museum is beautiful and unique. 

The building complex that has the museum has various colours and elements, including stones, wood, and clay. This is what intrigues tourists the most. Even though the museum has undergone many changes, many ancient ruins surround the building complex. You can explore these ruins too. 

  1. Umm Al-Qamari Island

If you want to experience the luxury and leisure in Saudi Arabia, take it out to visit Umm Al-Qamari Island. It is surely an exotic site of nature with rich biodiversity. The dense wilderness of this island makes it a highly anticipated tourist site in the region. 

Are you interested in wild bird species? If so, this island will surely excite you. You can spot different wild bird species at this natural spot. It is surely the ideal place to unwind after performing Umrah. 

  1. Al Rahma Mosque 

Al Rahma Mosque, or the floating mosque in Jeddah, is a fascinating attraction. It has a serene aura and magnificent architecture that stuns the visitors. The blue waters of the Red Sea surround this beautiful mosque. This gives it an illusion of floating. Moreover, it has a turquoise dome that adds to its beauty. 

Tourists visit this mosque quite frequently. So, you plan to visit Jeddah to explore the must-visit places in Saudi Arabia. In that case, you should visit this ethereal mosque too. 

  1. Aseer National Park

Are you a fan of natural sites? If so, you will surely love the Aseer National Park. This park contains over 300 rare wilds that might interest you. You will also find the highest mountain in the whole Kingdom in this beautiful park. The serene environment and nature make Aseer National Park the favourite spot for locals and tourists alike. 

Moreover, unique flora spreads all around the Aseer National Park. It is the ideal place for you whether you want to have a relaxing day or want to do trekking or hiking. So, you cannot miss out on this park to explore the must-visit places in Saudi Arabia. 

  1. Dammam Corniche 

Do you want to spend a day by the glorious sea? In that case, you must visit the Dammam Corniche. You can sit by the sea in this beautiful corniche with your family or friends. For a delicious meal, you can visit one of the restaurants and cafes lined by the corniche. 

Moreover, you can even plan dinner on a cruise or a tour of Marjan Island. So, you have booked your package through a professional Umrah travel agency UK. In that case, you can also plan a visit to Damman Corniche while you are in the region. 


The list mentioned above differs if you want to explore the must-visit places in Saudi Arabia. There is a lot more that the Kingdom offers. So, if you have some free days, you can visit as many popular sites as possible to experience this diverse country at its best. 

You can also explore all the religious sites and other tourist sites if you plan your stay beforehand. Plan as if you might not get the chance to visit the country again. This will help you utilise most of your time exploring the Kingdom.

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