How Can We Tackle Discrimination Against Immigrants Based on Nationality, Ethnicity, or Immigration Status?

In this widespread world, every individual is unique in their own way. Embracing everybody and transcending their differences will establish a collaborative lifestyle. Moreover, when people enter other countries, they carry loads of dreams and hopes with them.

According to a report, one out of three immigrants’ job applications faces trouble due to their nationality. Imagine being discriminated against for the reason of who they are. Won’t it destroy their peace and hinder them from achieving their goals? This is where every individual is responsible for protecting their fellow human beings from discrimination and promoting peace in society. Legally speaking, immigration lawyers will be accountable for abolishing this discrimination and ensuring a safe living environment for immigrants.

This article will talk about the ways to tackle discrimination against immigrants based on their nationality, ethnicity, or immigration status. 

Impact of Discrimination Against Immigrants

Discriminating individuals based on their nationality, ethnicity, or immigration status will have a negative impact in multiple aspects. Right from the individuals’ personal life to the country’s economy and international alliances, it will make a tremendous impact in every possible way. Some of the terrible impacts are listed below. 

  • Social Isolation  – An individual or a small group of people will feel isolated as a result of the hatred and inequality they face.
  • Mental Health Deterioration – They will start feeling exhausted because of the constant struggle they have in being provided with basic needs and rights. 
  • Educational Disadvantages – In some places, they are denied having standard education. 
  • Labor Exploitation – They are paid less in comparison to the natives and take them for granted for cheap labor. 
  • Economic Impact Restrictions on job opportunities, and their lack of contribution to the economy will have a negative impact on the growth of the country. 
  • Social Cohesion – The difference will leave them with a hatred for each other countries that might end up in a civil war. 
  • Crime and Safety Concerns – When denied basic rights, they might turn hostile against the country and become rebellious. 

Human activists, immigration attorneys, and organizations are working tirelessly to prevent discrimination and mitigate potential losses. 

Legal Protection Against Immigrants Discrimination 

Though there are movements to accept people from various countries as immigrants or refugees, the ultimate decision or change can be brought in only with legal support. To save them, there are laws like refugee and asylum laws, labor laws, and non-discrimination laws

Legal Representation -Even though you may be legally strong enough to argue for immigrants, having a legal representative can guide you through all the investigations.

Language Barrier – As they are from different countries, some would not be familiar with the language. Instead of seeking help from any random native, depending on a trustworthy immigrant lawyer will help them win their rights. 

Policy Advocacy – Lawyers who are specialized in immigration laws are well aware of the suitable laws and guide the immigrants through the suitable policy. 

Role of Individuals in Evading Discrimination

You can not always blame the administration for such misleading activities. The actual fact is that individuals should also act accountable for such social discrimination. Sometimes, you might easily get influenced by the mob mentality and start acting the way they want you to. However hard or unreasonable the environment is, if you think from a humanity standpoint and voice out your opinions daringly, it can bring a change in society. This individual responsibility will also prevent immigrants from being used as pawns to create political divisions.

Ways to Avoid Immigrant Discrimination

After discussing the huge impacts it can bring to individuals and counties, Here, it is crucial to learn how to abolish such discriminatory thoughts and practices from society. Whether it’s the slightest partiality or severe isolation, everything has to be addressed immediately and eradicated. Here are some of the possible ways you can undertake to eradicate such discrimination. 

Promote Cultural Awareness

By acting with compassion and secular values, you can organize awareness camps and rallies. Through this, you can reach out to huge numbers of people in person and try to make them aware of the necessity to embrace immigrants. This ignorance of a few is the weapon of others to develop a sense of hate towards immigrants. 

Don’t Fall for Media Representation

Many movies and other media stereotype and portray misguided opinions as heroic actions. People easily fall for it and act hostile towards immigrants. They also feel like their opportunities are grabbed by such immigrants. They tend to forget the fact that someone with proper citizenship and other proofs must be provided with equal opportunities. 

Collaborate With Potential Forces

As an extension of promoting awareness, you can also take help from some influencers or big powers. Collaborating with them will help you reach more people and make it more sensational in the media. You can take their support for popularity, finance, legal support, or other reasons. 

Organize a Discussion With Immigrants

This is an attempt to kindle the empathy of natives, and other legal representatives. Here, you can bring people of different backgrounds together and let them have a personal talk with the immigrants. Their genuine experiences and mindsets might break down mental barriers for the public and help them recognize immigrants as part of the community.

Case Study on Killing Discrimination Against Immigrants

There are many recorded discrimination cases in history. Here we will discuss what sort of impact it made, and know about the immigrant lawyers who struggled to establish justice against discrimination. 

Housing Discrimination Based on EthnicityCanadaBased on the origin of the immigrants, they are denied owning lands. 2019Smith V Property Management
Employment Denial Based on NationalityUnited StatesApplications of job applicants were rejected because of the fact they are immigrants2017Doe. V Company
Deportation of Asylum SeekersEuropean UnionRefugees were made to deport from the asylum and denied protection2020Immigration Rights Group, European Union

Final Thoughts

Accepting new people in a locality may be hard. But, remember they face the same struggle in adapting to the environment. During this time, it’s important to support and make their adaptation easier. Lodging in a huge mass of immigrants has the threat of decreased resources. Still, remember immigrants don’t march to other locations just like that. If they passed all their checkpoints in stepping into your country and had justifying reasons, they should be accepted in terms of legality and humanity. Discriminations against this can be accusable. 

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