How to Choose the Best CRM for Small Business

best crm for small business

Managing your contacts is one of the most essential parts of business. You need to find information about your contacts quickly to track your contact history and how to contact people.

It’s important that 91% of companies with more than ten people now use CRM applications. However, the software you choose will depend on your exact needs.

Are you interested in finding the best CRM for small businesses? Read the guide below to understand the key things to look for in the best CRM solution.

Check the Base Features

One of the first things to look for in CRM software is the features offered out of the box. At a bare minimum, you should be able to store and organize your contacts.

However, advanced CRM applications offer many other features. You can track social media profiles, input call information, create schedules, automate tasks, and more. Check all the base features a program offers to see how much value it provides.

Look for Integrations

One of the great things about software today is how connected it is. You only have a few applications that work in isolation. Modern apps have integrations that allow you to connect to other software.

Check the integrations offered by your CRM options. For instance, you may have VoIP software to make phone calls. If you can connect your CRM to that app, you can automatically track calls made to contacts. Check out this blog from Adobe Experience Cloud to learn more about how integrations help with marketing automation.

Look at Pricing

There are many pricing strategies for business software. Some companies charge a flat monthly fee for access to everything, while others charge a lower price and require customers to pay extra for add-ons.

Make sure to investigate how CRM software is priced and determine your actual cost when you scale today and in the future. Use that information to decide which CRM app offers the best value.

Use the Free Trial

The good thing about modern software is that you don’t have to make the purchase blind. Most software vendors offer free trials to allow companies to try before they buy.

Make sure to sign up for those trials before making your decision. Use that time to thoroughly test each option and see how the software fits your business.

Read CRM Reviews

Although a software product may work great for your needs, that may only sometimes be the case. You may get a different experience once signing up. And if there is poor customer service, you may start searching for a product again.

Read customer reviews to find these issues before making your decision. Check review websites to learn the pros and cons of a product from other users.

Find the Best CRM for Small Business

CRM applications can offer a ton to business. They offer a way to organize contacts, track interactions with them, and connect to other apps to share data.

However, there is much to consider when choosing the best CRM for small businesses.

Now that you’ve read the guide above, you should know more about finding the best CRM solution. Remember the points above to find the best CRM software for your needs.

Do you have plans to purchase any more business software? Learn more about finding the best apps for business on the blog.

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