How to Update Your Retail Design With Commercial Beverage Coolers


Are your retail shelves looking too empty? Have you stocked up but need somewhere to put everything? If so, then a good design update is in order. We’re here to help you out.

We’ll discuss how to update your retail design with commercial beverage coolers. You can read on for inspiration and guidance.

Let’s begin!

Choosing the Right Location

Ensure the coolers are in customer-friendly areas, such as a checkout lane or an end-aisle retail display. Customers should be made to look relatively easy for the product or be inconvenienced. Coolers must also be placed in areas with adequate lighting, as it increases sales.

Placing coolers near the main entrance/exit points can result in impulse buys. However, be careful to keep coolers far enough away from any heating/ventilation systems, as temperature fluctuations can be damaging to food and drinks.

Sustainability and Durability Considerations

Energy-efficient coolers, such as ENERGY STAR certified, should be used whenever possible to conserve energy. Refurbished coolers are another excellent choice to minimize waste.

When buying a fridge, opt for one with durable construction and materials. This can help the coolers last longer and reduce the number of replacements needed in the future.

Utilizing durable insulation materials such as polyurethane foam may also be helpful. This ensures that the cooling system retains the cold temperatures for extended periods.

Consider Your Visual Layout

Consider the colour and design of the coolers with your overall store decor. For a modern style, a sleek chrome finish may be appropriate, or opt for a more traditional square shape and colour for a more conventional look.

From double-door replacements in crucial locations to touch-screen marketing machines, there are many ways to incorporate commercial beverage coolers into a store’s design.

Identifying the Best Features

The type of coolers you choose should accommodate the maximum number of desired products in convenient locations. Consider additional features such as:

  • door locks
  • adjustable shelves
  • temperature control

Some beverage coolers may even come with interior LED lighting, which is visually appealing and efficient. Every feature should be carefully weighed to ensure you invest in the best commercial beverage cooler to meet your needs. Visit a store with the widest range of commercial fridges to explore all the features and options for your condition.

Choosing a Design That Enhances Your Brand Image

You want to ensure that your beverage retail design reflects your company’s values and mission. Think of colours, textures, and overall aesthetics that are both eye-catching and brand-specific. Use company logos or images to strengthen the connection between the product and the brand.

Choose the Right Commercial Beverage Coolers for Your Retail Store Design

Modern commercial beverage coolers are a great addition to any retail space. They add great convenience to customers while providing an updated look that will keep them coming back. Investing in commercial beverage coolers is an affordable and efficient way to make any store look more updated and appealing.

Take action today to design the perfect retail space.

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