Phrogging: The Art of Secret House-Hopping


Phrogging is secretly living in someone else’s home without their knowledge or consent. It is a severe crime that can have a devastating impact on victims. Learn more about phrogging, how to prevent it, and what to do if you think you are a victim. frogging

What is Phrogging?

Have you ever heard of phrogging? Nope, it’s not a quirky frog-themed sport but a sneaky activity where someone secretly sets up camp in someone else’s house without asking. Just imagine a frog hopping from pad to pad, except these “triggers” are people, and they’re not as cute or harmless.

Phrogging involves moving into someone’s house like a ninja without them knowing or giving the green light. The word itself comes from “frog” because proggers like those leaping amphibians tend to jump around different homes without being noticed.

Phrogging isn’t just an amusing prank – it can be a precarious business. In some cases, triggers have gone from hopping to attacking or, even worse, causing harm. In other instances, they’ve gone complete magpie, swiping stuff or trashing the place.

Types of Phrogging

There are two styles of phrogging: transient and permanent.

Transient proggers are like modern-day nomads, hopping from place to place. They might be searching for a warm spot or dodging the law.

Permanent proggers, on the other hand, are marathon runners. They camp out for ages, maybe even years, for reasons as varied as revenge, mental health troubles, or just odd life.

How Phrogging Happens

Phroggers have quite the bag of tricks. Sometimes, they sneak in through windows or broken doors. Other times, they get the invite but need to remember to leave. They might even masquerade as a fix-it person, a delivery wizard, or a pretend buddy.

Once inside, proggers get all game of hide and seek. Attics, basements, and closets are their playgrounds. They set up camp, unpack snacks, and make a secret lair.

How to Prevent Phrogging

No one wants surprise proggers. So, here’s how you keep your home from-free:

  1. Keep your home secure: Keep those doors and windows locked tight, even if you’re in. Think of it as a frog-proof fortress.
  2. Be careful who you invite into your home: Don’t just invite any Joe Schmo inside. Make sure they’re on your trusted guest list.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings: If you spot an unfamiliar face skulking around your home, call in the experts (a.k.a. the police).

What to Do If You Think You Are a Victim of Phrogging

If you ever get frogged, stay chill. Freaking out isn’t the answer – it might make things weirder.

  1. Secure your home: Secure the homestead. Lock all entry points and consider getting a few cameras or an alarm system. Take that, phroggers!
  2. Contact the police? Get in touch with the police. They’ll swoop in, assess the situation, and hopefully send those proggers hopping away in handcuffs.

Penalties for Phrogging

Phrogging penalties change depending on where you’re caught. Sometimes it’s a slap on the wrist (well, not literally), but other times it’s a major legal mess. You could end up with fines, some “quality” jail time, or even owing money to the folks you shrugged.


Phrogging isn’t all fun and games – it’s a slippery slope that can turn chaotic. So, if you ever sense something’s hoppy-ending in your home, stay calm and let the experts handle those pesky proggers.

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