The Life Story of Susan Deixler

Susan Deixler

Discover the surprising journey of Susan Deixler, from her marriage with Barry Manilow to her self-awareness and generous work. Figure out how she embraced strength and left a lasting effect. Get inspired by her story now.


Barry Manilow has had some known relationships with women even though he’s revealed to the world he’s gay. In the 70s, Manilow was in relationships with numerous women, such as Melissa Manchester, Lorna Luft, and many others. However, Manilow only had a wedding after this. Manilow was married to Susan Deixler, his high school love. Deixler has become a nurse management specialist in California and has an extremely private life.

Life After Divorce

After the divorce of their relationship, Susan Deixler faced a period of self-discovery and adjustment. She channeled her energies into personal growth, discovering new creative ways while embarking on a voyage of reflection on herself. This process helped her understand herself and build resilience when faced with challenges.

Love and Marriage

Susan Deixler’s wedding to Barry Manilow reflected their shared hopes and goals. Together, they faced the difficulties of creating their lives together while pursuing their own careers. However, their lives changed dramatically, leading to the dissolution of their relationship.

Do Barry Manilow’s wives get married?

“I’m an individual, but I’m glad for his happiness. I truly am,” Deixler added. It’s said that Susan has not remarried, but she does have two kids, Pauline and Daniel.

Manilow is now married to his long-time manager Garry Kief, 72. The pair were married in 2014 but only announced on the first anniversary of their wedding in the year 2015.

What is Barry Manilow doing now?

Barry Manilow is currently performing across the country. He has 35 scheduled shows scheduled. Their next concert date will be at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas; after that, they’ll play at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino for the second time, located in Las Vegas. Please find all the opportunities to catch them live on stage below!

Who will Barry get to love?

Barry Manilow has been open about his sexuality and has been in relations with both men and women. 2015 was the first time he publically declared his wedding vows to his long-time manager, Garry Kief. Before the wedding, Barry Manilow had relationships with numerous people in and out of the entertainment business. It’s crucial to respect people’s privacy and be aware that relationships between people can change and alter over time.


1. Who is the vibes girlfriend from The Flash?

In the television series “The Flash,” The character Cisco Ramon, also referred to as Vibe has had a variety of lovers throughout the series.

2. How is Susan Deixler known apart from her friendship with Jerry Seinfeld?

Besides her connection to Jerry Seinfeld, Susan Deixler is well-known for her personal development, resilience, strength, and charitable work.

3. How did Susan Deixler navigate life after her divorce?

Following her divorce, Susan Deixler focused on developing herself and discovering herself while exploring different avenues for creative thinking.

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