Unlocking Answers: When Should You Call a Residential Locksmith?

The locks around your house are essential to keeping your property safe. They also come with a high replacement cost when broken or damaged.

One thing that can damage your locks is forcing them open when you don’t have the key. When this happens, you’ll need someone to repair or replace the locks. If you need to call a locksmith, you may wonder when is the right time to hire one.

To help you decide, here are some times you need to call a residential locksmith.


Having locks rekeyed is one of the primary reasons to call a residential locksmith. Rekeying locks is a straightforward process that involves changing the internal components of a lock to change its key pattern. This is often done when someone moves into a new home to ensure the old key does not work.

Rekeying locks can save you money since replacing entire locks with new ones is a much cheaper alternative. A professional locksmith can rekey locks quickly and efficiently and secure any new locks that must be installed.

Replace Locks

One of the reasons you should call a residential locksmith to replace locks is that a residential locksmith is a professional trained in installing and repairing all types of locks. A residential locksmith can provide you with various services that someone else might not have available. A residential locksmith can provide around-the-clock emergency services if needed.

Professionals understand how to work with a variety of different security systems. When you need to replace locks, a residential locksmith will provide the highest quality materials and services to ensure your safety.

Most locksmiths can also provide solutions to prevent further accidents from occurring. With their expertise, you can ensure the job will be done right and with the utmost care and attention.

Create Duplicate Keys

You might often need extra keys in case you ever get locked out. Having more keys for family members or friends while on vacation is also beneficial. Having a duplicate key on hand can also help in emergencies.

Additionally, having a duplicate can be very useful when you want to let in visitors without being present. Residential locksmiths are experts in creating duplicate keys, a safe and secure option.

They will ensure it cannot be duplicated or picked by anyone. This will ensure that you have perfect access to the necessary places at the correct time and safely.

Repair Locks

A residential locksmith can repair malfunctioning locks, making it difficult to access the home. They can also provide emergency services in cases where you are denied access to the home due to a broken key or a lock that sticks.

They have the experience and knowledge to repair all types of locks, including those that are not standard. Plus, they can help safeguard your home from unwelcome guests and provide peace of mind knowing that your locks are working. 

Car Door Unlocking

By having a residential locksmith come to you, you don’t need to wait for a tow, worry about extra fees, or take time out of your day to go to the locksmith’s shop. Having a locksmith come to you also ensures that your vehicle will be handled carefully and with the right tools. Many residential locksmiths specialize in your car type, so you can be sure they know how to safely unlock the door without damaging the lock or the car’s exterior. 

Install and Repair Locks on Windows and Glass Doors

Calling on a residential locksmith to install or repair locks on windows and glass doors is one of the most intelligent decisions one can make when it comes to home security. Doing so can ensure your home’s safety and peace of mind since a certified locksmith will install the locks to specialized standards. Additionally, locksmiths can provide advice on other security measures.

You can implement this to raise your home’s security levels. Research has shown that locked doors and windows provide one of the most cost-effective security solutions against burglaries and unwanted intrusions. Installing or repairing locks on windows and glass doors is a great proactive approach to home security.

To Install an Electronic Keypad Lock System

These systems come with many levels of entry codes. This allows you to program with access to individuals you trust. They provide a more secure entry point to your home and help create a comfortable and safe environment for you and your family.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current security measures or add a new layer of protection to your home, a residential locksmith can install and calibrate your electronic keypad lock system to ensure optimal security. In addition to the security benefits, these lock systems have several features, such as allowing you to check who has entered your home via an activity log and disabling access to individuals. 

After Your Home Has Been Broken Into

If your home has been broken, calling a residential locksmith is one of the first steps you should take. A residential locksmith will assess the damage to your locks and repair or replace any broken locks. Additionally, a locksmith can recommend ways to increase the security of your home.

This is to make it harder for intruders to break in in the future. A specialized locksmith can also install high-security locks, alarm systems, and access control systems to deter burglars further. A website like knowellslockandsafe.com can help you find a qualified locksmith in your area who can help.

They offer 24-hour residential locksmith services that can help if you need repairs on the same day. It is important to remember to have locks and security systems checked and maintained to ensure that your home is safe and secure.

Explore the Reasons Why You Should Call a Residential Locksmith

Determining when to call a residential locksmith comes down to deciding the issue. While do-it-yourself solutions may be tempting, a licensed and certified locksmith will have the expertise to do the job.

If your lock is in trouble, contact a local residential locksmith today! Ensure you use a reputable one and avoid scammers when navigating this form of life-saver.

We cover everything, so check out the rest of our blog today for more valuable information.

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