@UNLVRunWithUs: A Twitter Account for Rebel Nation


UNLVRunWithUs is a Twitter account for Rebel Nation, providing fans with the latest news, updates, and information about the UNLV Rebels athletic program. Follow @unlvrunwithus today for all things Rebel!


The UNLVRunWithUs Twitter page is your go-to hub for all UNLV Rebels sports! Whether it’s game day excitement or insider interviews with players, UNLVRunWithUs has covered you.

This account came to life in January 2012 and quickly became an excellent spot for Rebel fans. With over 790 followers (and counting), UNLVRunWithUs is like the popular kid in the Nevada college sports Twitter world.

Who’s behind the scenes, you ask? Well, a bunch of UNLV students and grads bleed Rebel red! They’re like the ultimate fan squad, posting cool stuff and chatting with fellow fans.

And guess what? They’re not just about game days and interviews. UNLVRunWithUs spills the beans on recruiting, money-raising shenanigans, and even alums get-togethers. They’re all about spreading the Rebel love, from basketball to baseball and everything in between.

Calling all you Rebel fans out there—UNLVRunWithUs is like a treasure trove of fun and news. It’s like having your sports-savvy BFF right in your pocket. So, if you’re part of the UNLV athletics club, don’t miss out! Hit that follow button on Twitter ASAP!

What Makes @unlvrunwithus a Winner:

  • They’re like clockwork with their top-notch posts.
  • Chat game strong! They’re always chit-chatting with their followers.
  • Are rebels’ #1 fans? Absolutely! Their passion shines through.
  • All Rebels, all the time—these folks promote it all.
  • They’re your ticket to the inside scoop, with a side of laughs.

A Dash of Improvement for @unlvrunwithus:

  • Show more love to UNLV’s other sports stars, like the fab women’s basketball and baseball teams.
  • Hey recruits, check this out! Time to shine the spotlight on the athletic department.
  • Score big by helping the Rebels score big! Let’s talk fundraising, folks.


In the grand scheme, UNLVRunWithUs is like hitting the jackpot for Rebel fans. They keep dishing out primo content like it’s a piece of cake, and they’re BFFs with their followers – always hanging out. These folks are head-over-heels for the Rebels and wave their pom-poms for every nook and cranny of the athletic shindig. So, if you’re riding the UNLV athletics hype train, don’t be a stranger – follow @unlvrunwithus on Twitter right now!

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