Welland Digital Body Analyzer Scale to be the Best Bone Mass Monitor

Research has shown that obesity increases the risk of fractures. With the obesity rate of office workers rising, companies need to take active measures to raise employees’ awareness of bone fractures and, by doing so, reduce unnecessary medical costs and productivity loss. So, it’s time for digital body analyzer scales to enter the workplace to promote regular checks of body mass and bone mass to prevent fractures. This body scale analyzer scale can help employees monitor their bone mass and guide them to develop healthier and more effective working habits.

Hazards of Low and High Bone Mass

Bone is a living tissue that constantly breaks down and rebuilds itself. Bone mass defined by the bone mineral content (BMC) may vary from time to time. However, low bone mass density can lead to severe medical conditions that significantly increase the risk of osteoporosis. Then there is back pain resulting from a broken bone in the spine, a stooped posture to inflict upon daily and social activities, loss of height over time, and more unexpected occurrences of fractures and bone surgeries. However, excessive bone mass is not necessarily a friend. Studies have suggested high BMD could be artefactual and pathological, requiring deep clinical diagnosis just as low BMD does since cases of high BMD have shown an increased prevalence of knee osteoarthritis.

Benefits of Digital Body Analyzer Scale for Bone Mass Monitoring

Disease Precaution

As it applies to all kinds of diseases, prevention and control are crucial as they can improve health and economic stability. Investing in a digital body analyzer scale for bone mass monitoring holds an undeniably high long-term return. Modern enterprises have learned the importance of employee benefits investments and have long been providing facilities to improve employees’ health and, therefore, their loyalty and working efficiency.

Abnormality Detection

A digital body analyzer scale with a Bluetooth scale app can help employees monitor their bone mass seamlessly, a great way to take precautions against bone disease and other relevant medical conditions. Should any abnormalities occur, the app will send out an alert so the users can address them in time to prevent situations from going down and causing more significant losses.  

Medication Cost Reduction

Nowadays, most countries command employers to provide worker’s compensation, an insurance package that covers the medical cost and benefits of employees when treating work injuries or diseases. The average cost that US employers pay for their employee’s health care is expected to increase to more than $13,000 per person in 2023. Even if, under rare circumstances, there is no mandate for workers’ comp, employers will still suffer significant losses for employees with fractures usually need 4-8 weeks of sick leave to recover, double loss for employees and employers.

Welland’s FI2019LB Body Analyzer Scale

Welland is a leading OEM and ODM provider specializing in smart health gadgets, including intelligent body composition scales, smart skipping ropes, smartwatches, and others. Its OEM and ODM products for clients have ranked Top 10 for Amazon in 2022.

l High Accuracy – 4 BIM Electrode and ITO Filming

By leveraging hardware and software development expertise, Welland can deliver high-quality products that meet clients’ specific needs. Their new model FI2019LB digital body analyzer scale applies 4 contact electrodes, which send a painless electric current through the human body to analyze body composition metrics, and transparent ITO coating of excellent electric conductivity over the tempered glass to ensure testing accuracy.

l User-friendliness – Central Display and VA Panel

Data will be collected through those high-accuracy sensors and processed in the advanced chips embedded in the digital body analyzer scale. Then the result of 15 body indexes will be displayed in a central area for easier reading. The VA panel certainly adds more visual delights for rendering rich color and stunning contrast. Users can quickly check and monitor their body compositions over a smartphone app connected through a Bluetooth scale app.

l Competitive OEM/ODM Service – Covering the Whole Production Cycle

As a professional OEM/ODM service provider since 2014, Welland has vast connections and rich expertise and experience to help you succeed in the highly competitive smart health market. It has three production bases that cover over 30,000 sqm holding strain gauge, sensor factories, testing labs, and 14 assembly lines with a monthly capacity of over 1 million. Its products have been distributed to different regions, including Asia, Europe, Australia, and the USA, and have received a wide welcome in the markets.

After years of experience, Welland has developed a mature mechanism for products and software R&D, production management, quality control, cost control, and after-sales services to support the market success of its clients.

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