How to Incorporate the Viking Fashion Trend

viking fashion

The rise in popularity of TV shows centred around Viking culture has sparked a growing interest in exploring Viking fashion.

Have we ever noticed how those fierce Viking shows have sparked a wild interest in Viking fashion? Suddenly, we’re all about raiding the trend closet and sailing the sea of style! Viking clothing isn’t just history class fodder; it’s like the coolest old-school meets modern chic mashup. We’re talking about bringing Viking vibes to today’s fashion scene, folks! From intricate patterns to rugged swag, Viking fashion has got it all – it’s like raiding Grandma’s attic and making it fashion-forward.

Picture yourself striding into a room, and boom! Heads turn, and whispers spread. That’s the magic of Viking fashion. Whether you’re rocking a daytime warrior look or an enchanting evening style, this trend’s got your back – or, should we say, your cloak? Because Viking fashion isn’t just clothing; it’s an attitude.

What Did Vikings Wear?

Vikings were known for their practical and versatile clothing. They often wore woollen or linen tunics, cowls, cloaks, trousers, shirts, and hooded capes with embroidered details.


  • Tunics: This was the most common garment, typically made of wool or linen
  • Trousers: Vikings wore trousers for warmth and protection, often loose-fitting and made from wool
  • Cloaks: These provided additional warmth, draped over the shoulder and fastened with a brooch
  • Leg Wraps: Woolen strips wrapped around the lower legs for added insulation
  • Shoes: Shoes were typically simple, constructed of leather, and laced up the front


  • Underdresses: A form of long linen dress worn beneath the outer dress
  • Outer Dress or Apron Dress: Worn over the underdress, typically made from wool and held up with brooches
  • Cloaks: Much like the men, women wore blankets for additional warmth
  • Head Coverings: Women frequently wore head coverings, such as scarves or hoods.
  • Shoes: Similar to men, Viking women wore simple leather shoes

How to Incorporate the Viking Fashion Trend

Ladies, don’t think we forgot you in the fjords. Viking women were the OG fashionistas. They rocked underdresses like queens, with outer dresses slaying the style game. Cloaks? Of course! Head coverings that said, “I’m fierce and fabulous”? You know it. Viking women were all about stepping out in style, whether sailing or slaying.

Finally, when it comes to footwear, consider boots with buckles or laces that echo Old Norse styles. All of these ideas work well for both men’s and women’s outfits; if you want more ideas, you can find your Viking costume here.

Viking Clothes for Men

And the accessories? Bling was the thing! Hats, jewellery, and all the shiny stuff were their treasure hoard. This isn’t just a history lesson; it’s a fashion how-to! Want to dip your toe in the Viking waters? Start with leather jackets that roar, tunics that say, “I’m casual, but I’ll pillage if I have to,” and trousers that are as comfy as your favourite fjord view.

Viking Clothes for Women

Are you feeling bold? Wrap yourself in maxi dresses that demand attention. Go big with oversized coats that make you feel like a Viking chief. Add spiked jewellery and arm cuffs to say, “I’m a modern Viking warrior, thank you very much.” And you daredevils out there? Fur-trimmed cloaks and animal print jumpsuits are your fashion longships.

Now, let’s talk shoes. Boots that buckle or lace like they’re straight from Valhalla? That’s the way to go! And guess what? These fashion ideas aren’t just for one side of the gender fjord. Men, you’re not left out of this style raid. Tunics, trousers, and jerkins – you can rock them all. And guess what, Viking velvet jackets and heavy-knit sweaters? They’re not just for cosy nights by the fire but for conquering the fashion scene.

Viking Hair Ideas

Ladies, you’re in for a treat too. Maxi dresses and flowy skirts? Check. Fur-trimmed jackets and animal print pieces? Double-check. Viking boots that say, “I’m ready for anything”? 

Absolutely. Now, let’s talk hair. Braids and beards for the guys, and ladies, don’t hold back on the braids – long, short, and everything in between. Add some feathers or ribbons, and you’re a Viking goddess.

Accessorizing Your Viking Outfit

Accessories, anyone? Metal or leather armbands for the gents – it’s like your very own battle gear for fashion warfare. Ladies, arm cuffs, rings, and Viking bling – you’re ruling your kingdom of style.

Want to Embrace the Viking Trend?

So, what’s the Viking fashion secret? Confidence and flair, my friend. Whether going all-out Viking or just sprinkling some Norse magic into your wardrobe, own it like you’re raiding a treasure-filled monastery. Want more style runes to decipher? Dive into our Viking fashion guide for the scoop. It’s a saga worth telling – fashion history in the making!

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